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9 Tips to Help Children Enjoy Reading Arabic Children Books

Arabic Children Books

Caring parents want their children to do well in both Arabic and English. Those living abroad want their children to be fluent in their mother tongue. Luckily there is a great variety now of quality Arabic children books all subjects that can be found online and in bookstores to choose from. Here are a few […]

Back to School Promotion

Raneem is excited and eager for her first day of school, but slowly her fears and uncertainty start to mount only to culminate when her Mom leaves her in school. Raneem finds out that school is a fun place to be in and is reassured in the end when she is reunited with her mother.

Story Books help children get ready for School

Sending a child to school for the first time can be a traumatic experience for both parent and child. Parents may spend months checking out different preschools trying to find the best school for their child.They panic when the school they finally decide upon puts them on the waiting list and rejoice when their child […]

The story behind “Grandma Nafeesa”

The story of a special and different Grandma was in my “ideas” file for a long time. I would go back to it every now and then, tweak it here, tweak it there and then would leave it to move to something else. The book came to life again when we were moving to our […]

New Established Library Day

Taghreed Najjar presented her latest story book “A Home for Arnoub” which comes with an interactive bilingual CD. The children watched the animated musical story and sang along with sad sad Arnoub and were happy when he finally found a new home with lovely Arnouba. Squeels of excited laughter greeted the mascot Arnoub who surprised […]

Al Salwa Books to launch their first story App at the Abu Dhabi Bookfair

Al Salwa Publishing House in partnership with the award winning digital agency Media Plus Jordan, has published its’ first iPhone & iPad application entitled “Anything “أي شيء, based on their 2010 picture book with the same title. “Anything” is the first of a series of seven Arabic picture book Apps adapted from the popular lift-the-flap […]

Knock….. Knock who’s there?

A Special Ramdan event was held at Hakawati Bookstore and Hamleys. Children and their parents braved the heat wave and  came to listen to Taghreed Najjar read her story ” When the Doorbell Rang” published by Al Salwa Publishing House  and illustrated by Reem Askari. The story is narrated by Nagham who welcomes Ramdan with […]

Al Salwa Publishers participate in Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2012

Al Salwa Publishers will be participating at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair 2012 with a fresh new look. They have recently launched their new brand and colors to reflect the creative modern spirit of the Publishing House. The new logo, recently revealed, kept the image of the “ Salwa” bird but made the bird more […]

Day 4 Publishers Training Abu Dhabi: Quality Control, Enhanced E-books

Our final day of training focused on the importance of quality control and how important it was to not only check the content of the e-books to make sure it has the right content, but to also check it on different devices to see how content looks and flows on each. Peter [Balis, Director of […]

Day 3 Publishers Training Abu Dhabi: All About Digital

Day 3, Publishers Training Abu Dhabi: All About Digital by Salwa Shakhshir Ok … I seriously don’t know where to begin! All I know is that I left the classroom today with a cloud on top of my head, and the only thing I could think of was … I have SOOOOO much work to […]

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