How do you foster creativity in children?

foster creativity in children

It’s not a skill that’s teachable, like math or science, but rather something that they must find inside themselves through imagining and creating. Craft projects are a great way for children to make the things they envision come to life, and it’s an easy thing for parents to facilitate.

While building or making a new object might seem overwhelming for parent and child alike, craft books provide simple, step by step instructions. This takes away some of the anxiety children might face when asked to create something brand new, while also teaching them valuable skills like reading comprehension and how to follow directions. It might feel like fun and games, but children are learning valuable skills that will help them in school and in their professional lives.

In addition to this, books like “The Amazing Egg Carton” from Al Salwa publishers provide parents with easy projects that make use of everyday items. The puppets, animals and figurines that children can create using recycled egg cartons are simple and inexpensive – perfect for parents! Looking at old items through a new lens is a wonderful way to spark creativity, and will lead children to challenge themselves to see the potential in other objects.

While sparking their creativity, children are also learning the importance of recycling, and how to reuse old items in new ways. It is a fun way to get kids thinking about reducing the amount of trash in the environment. Working on a recycled craft project is the perfect time for parents to talk to their children about protecting the environment and have them think of other ways they can keep the nature around them clean and healthy.

All in all, recycled crafting projects like egg carton figurines are good ways for parents to foster creativity, teach reading comprehension skills, and talk about protecting the environment. Whether you find craft projects online, or choose some from a crafting book like “The Amazing Egg Carton”, it’s time to get creative!

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