Knock….. Knock who’s there?

A Special Ramdan event was held at Hakawati Bookstore and Hamleys. Children and their parents braved the heat wave and  came to listen to Taghreed Najjar read her story ” When the Doorbell Rang” published by Al Salwa Publishing House  and illustrated by Reem Askari.

The story is narrated by Nagham who welcomes Ramdan with a family tradition that involves making paper Ramadan lanterns one for each Ramdan day and in each lantern a riddle or joke is placed. Each night after iftar the family takes down one lantern and has fun trying to solve the riddle.On the first day of Ramadan after Iftar the electricy is suddenly cut off and in the darkness Nagham\’s family hear the sound of a drum from afar followed by knocking on the door. Who can it be?

After the story the children were pleasantly surprised by “Almosaher” who came in with his drum and gave sweets  to the children. The children then made paper lanterns of their own to take home with them.

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