9 Tips to Help Children Enjoy Reading Arabic Children Books

Arabic Children Books

Caring parents want their children to do well in both Arabic and English. Those living abroad want their children to be fluent in their mother tongue.

Luckily there is a great variety now of quality Arabic children books all subjects that can be found online and in bookstores to choose from.

Here are a few suggestions to help your child enjoy reading Arabic children books:

1- Choose a book that deals with a subject your child is interested in, a book that you yourself would enjoy reading.

2- Set the stage for the reading by building interest in the book. Your child gets his/her cue from you so if you are enthusiastic about reading the book he/she will be.

3- Use a special puppet to make reading Arabic children books fun.

4- If your child does not understand classical Arabic, tell him/her the story in colloquial Arabic. Once the child is engaged in the story and for subsequent readings slowly read parts of the story in classical Arabic. In no time, you will be able to read it to him/her in classical Arabic in its entirety.

5- If the story you chose does not appeal to your child, choose another one.

6- If you live abroad, use Arabic books to connect the child to his/ her roots. Point to pictures and give the child the chance to ask and relate the story in his/her words.

7-Sit comfortably close to your child. Reading to your child is a special loving time between you two.

8- If the book has predictable language encourage your child to repeat.

9- The most important thing is to make reading Arabic children books a fun activity. Act out scenes and change your voice for different characters.

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