Filling the Gap with Early Readers

كتب الاطفال عمر ٧

It is always exciting for us as publishers when we launch a new book. Recently, we started a new series for emergent readers (Early Readers) in Arabic which we called “Al Dahnoun Series”.

We were responding to feedback from our reader families and schools who felt that there was a gap that needed filling in Arabic children literature. This happens when kids start to read independently and still enjoy picture books, but need something more to transition them to more advanced chapter books.

“Early Readers” fill this gap by providing children with fully illustrated books with clear and easy to read text that is divided into short chapters to give the reader the opportunity to stop and resume reading whenever they want. Early readers also give the emergent reader a sense of pride and achievement and a feeling of being grown up.

Good quality “Early Readers” will keep the children interested in reading and literature. This will help take them to the next level. There is nothing like a boring book to put children off reading forever!

To stand out, Early Reader chapter books should have excellent writing, lovely illustrations, and layout and offer a variety of subjects of interest to children.

Well thought our Early Readers can be read to and enjoyed by a preschooler as well as read independently by children from 7+. They will be read again and again like picture books and not just once and thrown away. This will give children books to cherish and the opportunity to practice their reading skills.

The importance of quality “Early Readers” is being acknowledged in children literature by the “Geisel Award” a special award named for the world-renowned children’s author, Theodor Geisel a.k.a. Dr. Seuss.

As one mother says, “kids deserve good stories at every reading level especially as beginning readers.”

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