Our First Story Application “Anything”

Back from Abu Dhabi Book fair where we got to test our first App “Anything” on many of the children passing by our stand and get their live feedback along with their parent’s reactions. One mother said to us, “To tell you the truth our kids know more about these new gadgets than we do but I am grateful to see that they will be able to download good quality Arabic content and not just violent games.”

The App features lively interactive animation that responds to the child’s touch. It also features picture word association, by having words zoom up on screen and heard when certain pictures are touched. The child has an option to either hear the professional narration of the story or to read it by him/her self.

The game was widely popular by both children and parents, as the child has to tidy a messy room and gets a huge cheer when done!

The craft-making feature, is a feature that Al Salwa prides itself in, as it not only encourages children to use their motor skills, but it also inspires them to be creative and come up with fun activities from a story. Other features in the App include a game and a catchy song.

Al Salwa and MediaPlus strongly believe that combining all these features in applications will help promote reading, and can help kids that are not so much into reading develop a new interest for books.

“Anything” is the first of a series of seven Arabic picture book Apps adapted from the popular lift-the-flap “Goldfish Series” published by Al Salwa Publishing House, authored by renowned writer Taghreed Najjar, illustrated by Syrian artist Nadine Kaadan and narrated by Hind Hamed.

“Anything أي شيء” book App is now available for download from iTunes to iPhone, iPod.


And from the Android store:


New features and an iPad version will be up soon for “Anything” App. We’d love to hear your feedback on the App, as it would help us further develop the new ones to come, so please write to us on this blog or send us a comment on any of our social media links:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Al-Salwa-Books/154982474546176

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/AlSalwaBooks

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