My Darling Tree

Written by Mohammad AlMuti
Illustrated by Mohammad AlMuti


Silent books are wordless picture books that stimulate the child’s imagination. Children can create many scenarios based on visual narratives, enriching their vocabulary and building a story.
While Firas is busy playing on his PlayStation, “”Sahm”” the dog nags him to go out. Firas finally gives up and takes him outside. Sahm seems to run toward a specific location, which surprises Firas.
On the way, they meet the girl, the bear, the bird cook, the pirate, and the witch. As they become consumed with curiosity, they follow Sahm and Firas. Each of them is daydreaming and thinking of different things. The girl imagines going to the amusement park; the bear imagines the magical honey; the bird cook daydreams of a beautiful island; the pirate thinks that they are treasure hunting, and the witch thinks of her favorite mushroom.
After a long and treacherous journey, the group reaches its destination. They arrive at a big tree, under which the dog pees then sleeps soundly. They are shocked and disappointed because this is not what they have imagined.

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