Written by Tamara Qashha
Illustrated by Sasha Haddad


For as long as he can remember, Rayyan, a smart student, has been dreaming of being in the 7th grade to take part in the Science Competition.
Ammar, a big strong bully, picks on Rayyan constantly trying to make his life unbearable.
Ammar is one nightmare that Rayyan wishes he can get rid of but he soon realizes that he has another nightmare to deal with and that is, Mr. Sa’ed. A mean and bitter man who dislikes Rayyan and is going to supervise the Science Competition.
Rayyan feels angry and hurt when Mr. Sa’ed reveals that Ammar is the only student eligible to participate in the competition.
Will Rayyan stand up for himself, even at the cost of getting expelled from school?
An inspiring story of courage and perseverance told in diary format, packed with humorous doodles and illustrations that will delight young readers.

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