Happy Fathers’ Month!

Nowadays many young Fathers in the Arab world play a more hands on role in the family. They do not mind changing dirty diapers, feeding the kids, playing with them and reading to them before they sleep. Sadly still in many segments of our society this is perceived as عيب or  shameful.

The prevalent belief to this day is that day care of children is the mother’s job. If these Dads grudgingly help they would make sure that it is done in secret when no one can see them.

Children who are lucky enough to have both parents involved in their upbringing grow up to be more self confident, curious about things around them and with a “can do” attitude much needed in our world today.

Studies have shown that when the Father spends quality time with children playing, reading stories or just talking about things around them, the children grow up to be happy successful and well adjusted adults. When fathers spend time playing with their children they forge a bond of love between them. Children enjoy the boisterous rough and tumble play which Dads are good at. This play is important because it not only entertains children but also teaches them how to deal with the world around them.

More importantly, when Fathers acknowledge the range of different emotions their children have from fear to sadness, anger, hate, children feel safe and develop better emotional knowledge and will be able to express their emotions better and to control their behavior.

Fathers play an important role in the lives of their children and we, as publishers of children books, need to reflect that in our books. We can do that subtly and consistently by showing Dads in caretaking roles so that young children can subconsciously absorb and accept the role of father as a partner in day to day caring for kids and not just the traditional role of the breadwinner.

We at Salwa Publishers want to celebrate Fathers during the month of June by highlighting the interaction of Dads with the characters of our books.

So we say Happy Father’s month!

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