The Launch Event of “Jaddati Nafeesa”

Under the patronage of Princess Wijdan and in collaboration with the National Art Museum in Jebel al Waibdeh, “Salwa Publishers” launched the story of “Grandma Nafeesa” , one of its latest publications. The picture book story is written by Taghreed Najjar and illustrated by Lebanese artist Maya Fidawi.

Princess Wijdan started the event by addressing the children in the audience emphasizing the importance of reading and books in their lives.

Taghreed Najjar then proceeded with a general presentation about Grandmothers. The message was that no matter how different Grandmas are, they all share one thing and that is the love they have for their Grandchildren. The invited Grandmas were surprised when they found out that the presentation was all about them and their grandchildren. A few of them laughingly wondered out loud where we got hold of their pictures with their grandchildren.

“Salwa Publishers” had secretely colluded with the daughters to send pictures of the Grandmas showing the bond that they have with their grandchildren and the many different things they do with them.

The last grandmother to be introduced by her Grandson Majed was “Teta Nafeesa”.

The story is about an artist Grandma who spends a fun day with her grandson Majed. The story is set in Amman and some of the activities happen in Jebel Waibdeh at the National art Musuem.

It was a privilege to read the story in this amazing and lovely place and to have Princess Wijdan herself an artist Grandma as a patron.

Pictures of the event can be viewed on our Facebook page.

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