My Teacher Nasma

Written by: Bassam Altaji, Illustrated by: Rawan Sader,


My teacher Nasma is nice and sweet. She treats me kindly and with affection. Her lessons are fun and make us think.She makes stories come alive.How I love my teacher Nasma!

Parent/Teacher Guide

The story focuses on the feelings of affection that children have for a special teacher who makes school fun. Teacher Nasma has all the qualities needed. She reads them the best stories and makes each and every one of them feel special. With a teacher like Miss Nasma missing a school day is not fun.


- Why do some Kids like school while others don’t? Discuss and allow children to express their feelings freely.

- Teachers play an important role in children’s lives? What makes a teacher popular with kids? How are teachers similar to parents?

- Discuss how Miss Nasma showed her class how important it is to show a sick child that his teacher and classmates miss him and are thinking of him.

- The scent of flowers reminds the sick child of his teacher. This shows us that the teacher has left a positive impression on him which he associates with the smell of flowers.

- Discuss what makes a child enjoy class and how a teacher can make school fun by creative ways of teaching. Why does the child in the story keep repeating, “my teacher Nasma has the loveliest smile”? How does the teacher’s smile affect her pupils?

Additional information
ISBN 9789957040918
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 24
Age Range 3+
Year of Publication 2017
Weight 0.093 kg
Dimensions 21 × 21 cm


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About the Author: Bassam Altaji

Bassam Taji was born in 1967. He spent most of his childhood in Kuwait. In school he distinguished himself in art and loved to invent things. As a child, he dreamt of building and piloting a flying machine. He loved to make up stories to tell neighborhood children making them heroes of the stories he told. He studied and lived in Hungary but came back to settle in Jordan after 23 years. A few years back an old childhood neighbor called him and said, “In the stories you told us, I was always the deep-sea diver, explorer in your stories. I wanted you to know that thanks to your inspirational stories, I have now become a diver and have participated in discovering a pharaonic city under the sea… Thank you.” Two years ago, Bassam started writing children stories as hobby and realized a side of himself he had not known before.

About the Illustrator: Rawan Sader

Rawan Sader is a self-taught illustrator based in Amman. Her love of art accompanied her since childhood. As she strived to add colors to her surroundings she liberally pursued training in traditional painting. later, inspired by her love for children, she digitally illustrated her first book and fell to the magic of children books. Ever since, she focuses on utilizing art for the education of the little ones and engages in different projects under the theme. Her diverse artwork ranges from creating illustrations for digital media such as children shows, animated songs, and films, to creating books. She worked with many publishing houses, painted murals and, lately, unique pairs of painted children shoes.