Why Not?

Written by Taghreed Najjar
Illustrated by Hassan Manasrah
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Samia’s dad has an important job to do. Every Ramadan he wakes the people of the village up before dawn to have a meal before fasting for the day. This year however, Samia’s dad is ill so Samia offers to take his place. Samia needs to be brave to do this job at night. She must bang the drum loudly and call out for people to wake up. Luckily and to her surprise she is soon joined by Hamza, Fatima and other children of the village who each bring their own musical instrument and even some pots and pans! The children create a lovely band and the villagers are delighted to greet them.

A touching story of courage, solidarity and tradition. “Why not?” will transport the reader to the enchanting village of Lifta in Palestine during the 30s of the twentieth century.

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