How my city got its colours back?

Written by Sara Ahmed
Illustrated by Yeganeh Yaghoob


Dive into the pages of this heartwarming silent story, beautifully depicted through its expressive illustrations in the style of a comic book.

In a city steeped in dullness and gloom, a young girl extends a helping hand to her elderly neighbor, carrying bags to her doorstep. Her simple act of kindness resonates deeply with the elderly neighbor, triggering a chain of benevolence. When she spots birds on her balcony, she decides to share her heart, offering them food. As the birds take flight and alight upon a tree, an elderly man braves a bustling street. A compassionate young man intervenes, aiding the elderly gentleman’s safe passage. The ripples of kindness spread throughout the city, ultimately returning to the girl who initiated this circle of goodwill. Through these acts, the city gradually transforms from drab to vibrant.

This enchanting narrative will warm your heart and beautifully exemplifies the profound impact of kindness, not only on the giver but also on the entire community.

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