Us Three Together

Written by Taghreed Najjar
Illustrated by Hiba Farran


Counting games and Rhymes are common among children in many cultures. This book has many traditional counting rhymes that relate to basic numeracy. It can help children learn to count to 10 or just have fun with numbers. Some of the rhymes were used as counting out games where children would chant the rhyme pointing at each child in turn and when the rhyme ended the child pointed at would be counted out of the game.
Titles of the Rhymes in this book are:
1- I Have an Egg
2- The Bear Got Up to Dance
3- Seven Camels
4- Us Three Together
5- Count to Six
6- Hakara Bakara
7- The Fox
8- How Much Do I Love You?
9- Oh Flower
10- Two Rabbits
11- Let’s Count to 10
12- The Story Has Ended

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