Uncle Khalfan’s Sheep

Written by: Maitha Al Khayat, Illustrated by: Maya Fidawi,

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Uncle Khalfan’s sheep are not ordinary sheep, for although they enjoy eating their fair share of grass and playing in the fields but they also keep regular check-ups with the dentist!

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A delightful and funny story about going to the dentist. Uncle Kalfan’s sheep who are unlike any other sheep are not afraid to go to the dentist. In this hilarious story they all happily hop in Uncle Khalfan’s truck and off they go for their appointment. Each sheep is examined in turn and its problem is diagnosed by the dentist and fixed and the sheep hops happily away. The child gets to see the equipment the dentist uses and learns about the different problems people have with their teeth and how the dentist can fix them.The story helps the child deal with his/her feelings of fear from the dentist and talk about them through the characters of the story. The rhyme in the story makes it easy to read and to repeat.

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ISBN 9789957040734
Binding Hard Cover
Pages 32
Age Range
Year of Publication 2014
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Dimensions 21 × 5 × 27 cm

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1 review for Uncle Khalfan’s Sheep

  1. ntb2008

    قصة “خرفان عمي خلفان” قصة وفيرة بالكلمات العربية المقفاة و تبدأ بأول صفحة بذكر أهمية عدم تحريك أواخر الكلمات حفاظا على السجع في النص. القصة كأنها ترنيمة او أنشودة و يتكرر فيها اسم القصة بطريقة طريفة و مسلية فخرفان عمي خلفان حقا ليست ككل الخرفان، منها المتبختر و منها الرياضي و منها النطاط الخفيف الروح، نطوط المبسوط…الا انها جميعا تشترك في خصلة و انها لا تخاف من طبيب الأسنان و لا يصعب شَيْء على هذه الخرفان! القصة تجعل من زيارة طبيب الأسنان تجربة مسلية طريفة و تروي بتفاصيل تجربة الزيارة هذه من دخول العيادة و دور الممرضة في مناداة الخرفان حتى جلوسهم الكرسي و فتح الفم و أخذ نفس عميق مع ذكر الأسباب وراء كل خطوة و إعادتها في كل مرة فتصبح التجربة سهلة الاستيعاب و التصور و تذكر انواع الإجراءات المتبعة في تطبيب الأسنان. رسوم القصة طريفة و مسلية و هذا اُسلوب الرسامة مايا فداوي و تحلو التعليقات الموجودة عن ردود افعال الخرفان و هي تخرج من غرفة الفحص او حتى داخل الغرفة..تعليقات من حياتنا اليومية “سالمة يا سلامة”. القصة من تأليف الكاتبة الاماراتية ميثاء الخياط و نشر دار السلوى. #maithaalkhayat
    تجدون هذه المراجعة و مراجعات اخرى لقصص مشابهة في موقع انستغرام “read_forfree”

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About the Author: Maitha Al Khayat

Maitha Al Khayat is a children’s book author and illustrator. She majored in business administration and graduated from the Higher Colleges of Technology in Ras Al Khaimah.
Maitha has been passionate about reading and writing since childhood. Before becoming a full time mother, Maitha worked in the college library. The need for funny Emirati books inspired her to write and illustrate for children. Among her published works are “I love my Daddy’s Long Beard” and the award-winning “My own special way” - the first Emirati children’s book to see its rights sold to the UK.
Maitha plays a vital role in promoting reading and writing around the United Arab Emirates through story reading presentations and creative writing workshops. She is also an Ambassador on the UAEBBY.

About the Illustrator: Maya Fidawi

Born and raised in a family that appreciated art, Maya was lucky to have had the support of her family to pursue art from an early age. She studied painting and sculpting at the Lebanese University -Faculty of Arts- while working at the same time for ad agencies and magazines executing murals and storyboards. Maya illustrated her first book in 2004 and has been a children’s book illustrator ever since then. She has illustrated over 35 books and worked with many publishing houses in Lebanon and the Arab region.