Written by: Bassam Altaji, Illustrated by: Charlotte Shama,


Shoushoya is a nice big dragon. Shoushoya is my friend. He accompanies me wherever I go. We play together. We read together and we fly high up in the sky together

Parent/Teacher Guide

Shoushoya is a story about a little child who has an imaginary friend in the shape of a friendly dragon. The child has a great time with the dragon who takes him from one imaginary trip to another. When it is bedtime the child reader discovers that the dragon is a small cuddly dragon stuffed toy.

- Pretend play is an important part in a child’s development. It is also a way for children to explore their surroundings and understand the world around them.

- Imaginary play helps some children sort out their daily fears, for example a timid child might imagine himself/herself a lion or a dragon.

- An imaginary friend is sometimes needed by a child and this friend can be totally invisible except in the child’ mind or it can be a special toy that the child talks to

- And pretends to be his/ her friend. It is a normal phenomenon unless it gets out of hand.

- The invisible friend is sometimes needed by children in special circumstances like divorce, death in the family, abuse, loneliness, or if the child is a victim of bullying. On the other hand many normal children with no special needs or circumstances need an invisible friend to whom they can communicate feelings and fears. Sometimes imaginary friends are a reflection of an over imaginative child.

- Parents and teachers can discuss mythical animals with the child and the difference between a dragon and a dinasour.

- The story can help start a conversation with the child on friends and friendship.

- Children with imaginary friends should always be encouraged to form real friendships

- And relationships with others.

Additional information
ISBN 9789957040925
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 32
Age Range 3+
Year of Publication 2017
Weight 0.176 kg
Dimensions 22 × 28 cm
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About the Author: Bassam Altaji

Bassam Altaji was born in 1967. He spent most of his childhood in Kuwait. In school he distinguished himself in art and loved to invent things. As a child, he dreamt of building and piloting a flying machine. He loved to make up stories to tell neighborhood children making them heroes of the stories he told.He studied and lived in Hungary but came back to settle in Jordan after 23 years. A few years back an old childhood neighbor called him and said, “In the stories you told us, I was always the deep-sea diver, explorer in your stories. I wanted you to know that thanks to your inspirational stories, I have now become a diver and have participated in discovering a pharaonic city under the sea… Thank you.” Two years ago, Bassam started writing children stories as hobby and realized a side of himself he had not known before.

About the Illustrator: Charlotte Shama

Charlotte is a French illustrator, married to a Palestinian and has been living in the Middle East with her family and pens for many years now. After studying applied arts and animation in France and England, she worked as a volunteer in an Arabic speaking school, a press photographer, a librarian, and an art teacher. Finally Charlotte came back to her passion and settled happily on being a freelance illustrator. Since then, Charlotte has been having a great time creating images for very different kinds of projects, from brand characters to children’s books, mobile apps, websites and videos. One of her greatest satisfactions is to be an active part of the emerging Arab literature market; two of the books she illustrated were produced and distributed for free by a philanthropic society to every child attending kindergarten.