First Day of School

Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Amal Saqr,

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Raneem is excited and eager for her first day of school, but slowly her fears and uncertainty start to mount only to culminate when her Mom leaves her in school. What will happen to Raneem throughout her first day of school? Will Mom ever come back for her? And who’s heard knocking behind the door? Lift the flap to find out!

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Going to school for the first time is a big deal for both parents and children. Preparing a child well for this important event in his/her life is of vital importance. The best way to do this is through a story. “The First Day of School” shows the mixed feeling that Raneem has about going to school. On the one hand she is excited but on the other she is scared. Her worst fear and anxiety stem from fear of separation from her mother. This story acknowledges these feelings and at the same time shows all the fun activities in school. At the end of the story the child is reassured that the mother will return to pick her/him up.

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ISBN 9789957040352
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 20
Age Range
Year of Publication 2005
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Dimensions 21 × 5 × 21 cm

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  1. ntb2008

    قصة “اول يوم مدرسة” للكاتبة تغريد عارف النجار قصة ملائمة لأي طفل من عمر ٢-٦ سنوات او اكثر ممن يواجهون صعوبة الانفصال عن الام و البيت؛ و حتى الاطفال الذين يحبون المدرسة. القصة مكتوبة بنص سهل جدا و بلغة الاطفال حتى ان الكاتبة تذكر تردد “رنيم” في كتابة الأحرف ببطئ و تكرارها. احببت كثيرا كيف تتحجج رنيم لوالدتها لتبقى في البيت فهي قصة مكتوبة للصغار بلغة يعرفونها و يفهمون مقاصدها. احببت رسوم القصة كثيرا فطريقة همس “رنيم” في إذن “ماما” و أخبارها بما يرد في بالها هو فعلا ما تفعله ابنتي معي حين تريد الإفصاح عن شعور يقلقها او شي يثير خجلها! القصة تخبى مفاجاءة في اخرها للأطفال و هي مفضلة لهم! #alsalwabooks
    هذه المراجعة متوفرة أيضا في موقع انستغرام “read_forfree”

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About the Author: Taghreed Najjar

Taghreed Najjar is a pioneer of modern children's literature in Jordan. A graduate of the American University of Beirut,Taghreed started her career as a teacher before becoming a full time writer of picture books and young adult novels. Her YA novels have been celebrated widely by her readers and various schools in the region have adopted them as part of their curriculum. A number of her books have won awards while others have been translated into foreign languages like English, Swedish, Turkish, French and Chinese.  
One of her most critically acclaimed works is a series of ten picture books revolving around six-year old Jude and her family and friends.'The Halazone Series', deals with everyday childhood issues which are treated with humor and deftness by the author. One of Taghreed’s pet projects was collecting old Arabic children rhymes and publishing them in book and digital form to make them accessible to the modern child and family of today. She published two collections of rhymes, the latest entitled 'Musical Tickles' was selected by the National Centre for Children's Literature (a service of the French National Library) as one of the best publications in the Arab World in 2012/2013.

Taghreed is a member of the Jordanian Writer’s Association and takes part in international and regional conferences and workshops that deal with children literature.