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The Bird Flew

Written by: Taghreed Najjar, Illustrated by: Aly Zainy,


While Jad is playing in the garden, a bird falls on the ground right in front of him. Jad gently carries the bird and tries to revive it, then he and his sister Tala put the bird in a box in Jad’s room. They make sure the door remains closed to protect the bird from their cat Fustuq. The next day the bird is nowhere to be found. Whatever happened to the bird and where did it go?

Parent/Teacher Guide

While Jad is playing in the garden a small bird falls down onto the ground in front of him. Jad carries the bird gently into the house and with the help of his sister, Tala, tries to revive it. After a few days the bird recovers and soars up high into the sky.


* If you were Jad and you saw a wounded bird would you help it? What would you do?

* What does a bird have which allows it to fly? What covers the wings of a bird? You could possibly expand further on the link between the form and the function of the wing.

* What else might cover an animal’s body? (Wool, fur etc.)

* Name other animals whose bodies are covered with feathers. Can all of them fly?

* Where did Jad and Tala put the bird? Why?

* You could possibly talk about the places where other animals live.

* Why did Jad and Tala open the windows and the door for the bird?

* Do you think it’s better for the bird to be free or kept inside the nest?

* What does the word freedom mean to you?

* Does the bird feel happy when it gets its freedom? Why?

Additional information
ISBN 9789957041397
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 24
Age Range 3+
Year of Publication 2019
Weight 0.135 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 cm

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About the Author: Taghreed Najjar

Taghreed Najjar is an award-winning author of children and young adult books. She started writing in the late 70’s while working as a teacher. She is considered a pioneer in the field of children literature in Jordan. In 1996 she founded her own publishing house, Al Salwa, which is now one of the top publishers for children content in the region. She does her best writing in her quiet office overlooking her flower-filled garden, with her pet turtle and cat for company. She especially enjoys interacting with her readers and truly feels privileged to be part of their childhood memories. Her books have been translated to numerous languages. To know more about Taghreed’s books follow her on social media and check out

About the Illustrator: Aly Zainy

Aly Alzainy lives in Alexandria Egypt. As a child he was fascinated by art and would daily draw a visual diary of all that he encountered. He also loved to draw family members, friends and their pets. He experimented with different styles and art mediums and recently started illustrating children picture books with great success.