Aunt Ghabara

Written by: Bassam Altaji, Illustrated by: Mohammad Almuti,


Dust here, dust there, dust everywhere! Why does Aunt Ghabara refuse to wipe away the dust and how will the children convince her to change her mind?

Parent/Teacher Guide

Aunt Ghabara sits in front of her house feeling sad and alone. She closes all the doors in her house but keeps one open Soon her house fills up with dust. The children in her village try to persuade her to clean up the dust but she refuses. Finally one of the boys offers her a stack of books. The books transport her to other worlds that take her out of the realm of place and time. From her balcony she reads exciting stories about different places, adventures and people. Finally, she decides it is time to clean off the dust.

Points of discussion:

- Feeling sad is a normal feeling that each one of us young and old experiences. The reasons are wide and varied but it is always good to be able to express feelings openly.

- Keeping sad feelings bottled up may lead to problems.

- How do you think Aunt Ghabara feels? Why do you think that she is sad?

- Have you ever felt sad? Why?

- Does it make you feel better to share your feelings with others?

- What makes you happy?

- How do we know someone is sad?

- How did the children help Aunt Ghabara overcome her sadness? Why do you think books helped her?

Additional information
ISBN 9789957040956
Binding Soft cover
Pages 36
Age Range 3+
Year of Publication 2018
Weight 0.161 kg
Dimensions 21 × 27 cm


About the Author: Bassam Altaji

Bassam Taji was born in 1967. He spent most of his childhood in Kuwait. In school he distinguished himself in art and loved to invent things. As a child, he dreamed of building and piloting a flying machine. He loved to make up stories to tell neighborhood children making them heroes of the stories he told. He studied and lived in Hungary but came back to settle in Jordan after 23 years. A few years back an old childhood neighbor called him and said, “In the stories you told us, I was always the deep-sea diver, explorer in your stories. I wanted you to know that thanks to your inspirational stories, I have now become a diver and have participated in discovering a Pharaonic city under the sea… Thank you.” Two years ago, Bassam started writing children stories as a hobby and realized a side of himself he had not known before.

About the Illustrator: Mohammad Almuti

Mohamad Mouti is a self -taught illustrator and writer. He loves to travel and roam the world. He worked as a character animator for 5 years and then as a cartoonist and story board illustrator. When the opportunity arose he worked with a number of publishing houses illustrating books and comics and got many prestigious awards.