Mama My Classmate

Written by: Lubna Taha, Illustrated by: Maya Fidawi,


Noura is appalled when her mother Abeer joins her English class as a student to improve her language skills. Nobody wants to have their mother as a classmate and neither does Noura. Will Noura be able to deal with the new situation?
A funny story that shows the different situations both the mother and daughter must face as classmates.

Parent/Teacher Guide

When Noura’s mother decides to join her English class to improve her language skills Noura is shocked and aghast at having her mother with her in the same class. Noura is sure that Mothers should never be in the same class as their daughters. As time goes on Noura finds out that it may not be all bad to have her mother with her in class.
Discussion points:

Is there an age limit to learning new skills?

Making fun of others can be hurtful.
How can learning a new language improve one’s life?

Being open and accepting can help make new meaningful relationships.

How did Noura’s mother make friends with her classmates regardless of age difference?

Sometimes by trying new things one discovers a hidden talent. What talent did
 Noura’s mother discover and nurture?


WINNER of the 2018 Etisalat Prize for Arabic Children’s Literature in the “Best Text” category


ArabKidLitNow! recommends Lubna Taha and Maya Fidawi’s chapter book, Mama, My Classmate.

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Additional information
ISBN 9789957041359
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 72
Age Range 6+
Year of Publication 2018
Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 14 × 20 cm


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About the Author: Lubna Taha

Lubna Taha is a Palestinian illustrator and graphic designer. She illustrated a number of picture books for local and regional publishers. Her latest illustrated books are “Red” and “Sheep and Wool” published by Ahlia Publishing House in Amman Jordan. Lubna also works with children and teachers on how to utilize children literature as a medium for enhancing the curriculum with the use of imagination and exploration. Lubna was awarded Best illustration award by the Palestinian Ministry of Culture and the Shoman Foundation. She has recently started writing for children and “Mama my Classmate” is her first published book

About the Illustrator: Maya Fidawi

Born and raised in a family that appreciated art, Maya was lucky to have had the support of her family to pursue art from an early age. She studied painting and sculpting at the Lebanese University -Faculty of Arts- while working at the same time for ad agencies and magazines executing murals and storyboards. Maya illustrated her first book in 2004 and has been a children’s book illustrator ever since then. She has illustrated over 35 books and worked with many publishing houses in Lebanon and the Arab region.