The Amazing Egg Carton 1

Written by: Taghreed Najjar,


The Amazing Egg Carton is a two-edition craft book. It has a lot of fun and creative ideas for children to make. The craft books identify cut pieces of the egg pulp tray and then uses them as building blocks for the many craft ideas presented in the book. This building block method helps children create their own ideas as well as make the ideas presented in the book.

Parent/Teacher Guide

Craft books are important because:
-They teach children how to follow instructions carefully.
-They encourage creativity.
-They improve children’s muscle coordination.
-They Keep children busy.
-They give children a sense of pride in their work.
-They provide children with handmade gifts for special occasions.
-They help children understand the concept of recycling.
-The importance of this craft book is that it is not a craft book with a set number of ideas to make. It is based on the concept of building blocks like lego. There are a number of different pieces to cut from the egg carton pulp which can then be used to create all the craft ideas and characters in the book and much more thus encouraging children’s creativity.

Additional information
ISBN 9789957041557
Binding Soft cover
Pages 24
Age Range 6+
Year of Publication 2019
Weight 0.139 kg
Dimensions 28 × 21 cm


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