Arabic Nursery Rhymes DVD

Written by Taghreed Najjar
Illustrated by Hiba Farran


The DVD is a collection of 32 Arabic rhymes. The illustrations are animated and put to lively, catchy music. They are a pleasure to watch and easy to sing along. The DVD will surely be a great favorite with parents, teachers and children alike. The titles of the rhymes on the CD are: 1. Hazourah Fazourah 2. Zuzu has a Car 3. Trendy Salwa 4. Jumping Ball 5. Hope it Rains Today 6. Walnut, Peanut 7. Hadooteh Badooteh 8. Omelette & Olive Oil 9. Abu Layleh 10. I’m the Wind 11. My Old Nanny 12. Zait, Zait ya Hajjeh 13. Hanna and the Bees 14. My Small Bird 15. Ten Fingers 16. The Rabbit is in the cave 17. Ya Baah Ya Baah 18. Ya Mnaimneh 19. Small as a Kubbeh 20. Hijallah 21. This is the Way Fish Swim 22. What the Donkey Said 23. These Little Chicks 24. Yasmeen the Chicken 25. Two Dancing Cats 26. Tutu the Rabbit 27. I Used to Have a Bird 28. Our Donkey 29. The Butterfly 30. My Sheep 31. I Have a Duck 32. My Turtle Nahla

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