The Lanterns of the Enchanted Cave

Written by: Aya Qasim, Illustrated by: Ali Chamseddine,


Jad, Karam, Karma, Omar and Samar are five friends with totally different personalities and traits. Despite their differences, however, they are best friends. They call themselves “The Mix and Match Squad”.
While on a school field trip to the Barqash forest, they learn about a legend of buried treasure hidden by aliens there. They discover a mysterious path through the trees and decide to see where it leads. Where will the squad find themselves at the end of this path? Will they ever find the secret cave?

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Jad, Karam, Karma, Omar, and Samar are five friends who have different personalities from each other but enjoy a strong and warm friendship. They call themselves the “Makhlouta Gang”.
On a school trip to Barqash Forests and while walking in the forest they discover a hidden path.
Jad whose nickname is Wikipedia, tells them about a legend he read about that mentions aliens that visited the earth a long time ago and hid a treasure in one of the caves of Barqash Forests.
Many events happen when the gang decides to follow the mysterious path and try to find the hidden treasure. An exciting adventure follows where the kids use their courage and intelligence to solve the mystery of the charmed cave and its weird lanterns.

Barqash Forests is located in the north of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, within the Ajloun mountain range. And specifically to the south in the province of Irbid in the province of Koura, and is famous for the forests of Burqsh Tal Barkash, which rises about 875 meters above sea level.

The Cave of Barqash is a famous and very important cave in the Barqash forests, estimated at 4 million years old. It is the only known natural cave in Jordan, with an estimated area of 3 to 4,000 square meters.
The cave consists of a number of cavities and long narrow rocky paths linked to each other in intricate nets. These can sometimes be 100 meters or more in length, with the usual stalagmites and caves, some of which are about 170 cm in length.
The cave is located 20 to 30 meters below the surface of the earth and within a rock mass of 50 to 60 meters in height, from 20 meters to 20 meters, and separated from the adjacent road leading to the forest 150 meters away.
The back cave was discovered for the first time in 1995, it was not known before that time. When discovered, the entrance was a narrow, half-meter-long, rocky, three-meter-long rocky corridor, but several years later, in 2003, the authorities blocked part of the wall of the corridor so that it could become wide and passable.
It is likely that this passage in the past prevented people from entering this cave or dwelling inside it, thus maintaining its natural structure.

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ISBN 9789957041984
Binding Soft Cover
Pages 136
Age Range 9+
Year of Publication 2019
Weight 0.186 kg
Dimensions 21 × 15 cm


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About the Author: Aya Qasim

Aya has worked as an educational content developer at the Children Museum in Jordan. Her passion for children books encouraged her to write her very first story “The Enchanted Cave”. Aya was delighted when her manuscript was accepted for publication and considers this to be a pivotal step in her life and career.
Aya presented a number of interactive workshops entitled, “ Let the writer within you go free” to teachers and kids. She also worked on some children plays and wrote several children songs.

About the Illustrator: Ali Chamseddine

Ali Chamseddine is a talented visual artist. He graduated from the Lebanese institute of Fine Arts In 1982. He runs “Fekrah” for design and advertising in Beirut. During his long career, he wrote and illustrated several children books. He also worked as an art director to several Arab newspapers. He designed and executed a number of magazines and papers like “Ahmad” children magazine and the “Young Arab” magazine. He won the Arab picture book award presented by the Unesco Cultural Institute for East Asia in Japan 1994 for illustrating and designing “The New Born” picture book published by Dar al Hadaek.
Ali Chamseddine also won the illustrator and design award in Sharja Bookfair 1996 for the picture book “ My Loving Friend” published by Dar al Hadaek.
He took part in many art exhibitions in Lebanon, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.